About Us


As the founder of Shower With Love LLC, her goal is to make a difference to a significant problem. With the help from her team and the love from supports, Shower With Love will be able to provide services to over 100 people by toiletries and non-perishable food items to those in need. Located in Southern Maryland, Shower With Love opened its doors in December 2018 and began servicing the homeless during the winter months. We project to become a year-round showering unit service that will expand to other counties within the Capital Region of Maryland and the District of Columbia. To obtain this level of innovation that we envision, it is crucial to becoming visual about homelessness. The lack of housing does not mean that they are hopeless but homeLESS. The people within the homeless communities are just like us! They just have fallen on hard times and are trying to make their back into society. Shower With Love will not be able to solve the housing crisis. However, one small gesture can restore a person’s dignity. I need your support!

Homelessness is not just a local community issue. It impacts the entire world!


Shower With Love’s motto: Is to rejuvenate the body one shower at a time! Why not make today better than yesterday... Since tomorrow is never promised!